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Menu builder v.1.0 plugin for CMS DLE 13.x and higher

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My clients often reach out to me with problems related to quickly replacing the menu on their website. The essence of this problem is to simplify/automate menu-related tasks.

Constantly editing menus manually in the source code is both exhausting and time-consuming. The fact is that the CMS DLE shortcode {catmenu} isn't flexible enough: the menu is presented only in categories, but static pages, news, custom links are lacking. In fact, customers need a full-fledged menu in the admin panel of the site without having to turn to code all the time.


To solve this issue, I've developed a completely new functional plugin - anyone can use it, even people completely unfamiliar with programming. With this plugin, a regular user can create a menu in a couple of clicks and display it where necessary on their website.

I took the solution from WordPress, applying the same strategy to DLE. It took a lot of time and effort to make the interface user-friendly.


The plugin is as convenient and easy to use as possible. It is 100% tailored for an average user. It provides full control over the site's menu, so no need to contact programmers. Plugin features:

  1. Creating nested menus (convenient builder).
  2. Create the menu you want using four types of links:
    • news;
    • categories;
    • static pages;
    • custom links.
  3. Displaying the news count in the Category menu item.
  4. Necessary documentation available.
  5. Access to the settings of each menu item.
  6. You can add your template to each menu to display it on the site.
  7. You can send the menu shortcode to the clipboard (to copy it) with just one click.
  8. Managing (turning on/off) of menu caching and its display on the site.
  9. Using the Multi-Languagex plugin (if necessary).

With this plugin you can create a menu in a matter of minutes and display it exactly where you need it on your website!  Want to see it in action? Welcome to our website!


  • Pricing options

    • 1 domain
    • 24/7 support (year)
    • updates (year)
    Domain +
    • 1 domain
    • unlim subdomains
    • 24/7 support (year)
    • updates (year)
    Domain Z
    • 1 domain
    • unlim zones
    • 24/7 support (year)
    • updates (year)
    Domain Z+
    • 1 domain
    • unlim zones
    • unlim subdomains
    • 24/7 support (year)
    • updates (year)
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