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Post to Telegram plugin v.1.0 for CMS DLE 13.x and higher

I present to your attention a plugin that sends website news to the Telegram channel. He can either send immediately or postpone the message. And since now the API Bot telegram cannot postpone messages directly in the Telegram channel, messages are sent via CRON....

Yandex.Webmaster plugin v.1.0 for CMS DLE 13.x and higher

The plugin is designed to work with Yandex.Webmaster, namely, sending texts, sending pages for re-bypassing, connecting and verifying the site. When published, texts are automatically sent to Yandex.Webmaster. The plugin connects through the Yandex application very easily and easily. You don't have...

Post to VK v.1.0 plugin for CMS DLE 13.x and higher

The Post to VK plugin is intended for publishing wall posts of your VK group with attached pictures and videos. The functionality of the plugin is rich and new features will be added in the future. In order to post a record on the group’s wall, it’s enough to select “Publish” in the plugin block...

Menu builder v.1.0 plugin for CMS DLE 13.x and higher

My clients often reach out to me with problems related to quickly replacing the menu on their website. The essence of this problem is to simplify/automate menu-related tasks....

Plugin FavoritesPRO v.2 for CMS DLE 13.x and higher

Hello, I’ll start with the problem that made me write this plugin. As you understand from the name, this plugin is dedicated to the add or remove button from bookmarks on the site. I had a need to do it so that adding or removing bookmarks worked on Ajax technology. Yes in DLE there is already a...

Horoscope v.1.1 plugin for DLE 13.x and higher

Beautiful horoscope output plugin for your website. The horoscope is parsed from the site horo.mail.ru. The plugin has a template that you can change for your site. And also this plugin add value to your site which is very important for the site. The plugin parses data not every time your users...

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