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Plugin FavoritesPRO v.2 for CMS DLE 13.x and higher

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Hello, I’ll start with the problem that made me write this plugin. As you understand from the name, this plugin is dedicated to the add or remove button from bookmarks on the site. I had a need to do it so that adding or removing bookmarks worked on Ajax technology. Yes in DLE there is already a standard output {favorites} of this button.

But the problem is that this is all tailored to one kind of button for the whole site, and I want several of these types. I don’t want to use [favorites] text [/favorites] because a pop-up window will already be triggered there.

The solution of the problem

I developed a plugin that adds a new {favoritespro} tag with the following parameters:

  • imgplus – specify the address of the picture when adding to bookmarks on the site;
  • imgminus – specify the address of the picture when deleting from bookmarks;
  • titleplus – specify a hint when adding to bookmark the site;
  • titleminus – specify a hint when hovering to remove from bookmarks.

Usage example:

{favoritespro imgplus="/img/ic-like.svg" imgminus="/img/ic-like-a.svg" titleplus="Add to Desired" titleminus="Remove from desired"}

And so we ourselves indicate which pictures for these buttons will be used and tips. This tag will work in summary (shortstory.tpl), the entire article (fullstory.tpl) and in custom templates from the {custom} tag.

If the tag {favoritespro} is without parameters, then the tips will be pulled from DLE. The plugin has standard images for this button.

Latest update


  • Added caption to the button on the right
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  1. User Smoki
    Скажите а как можно добавить текст рядом с выводимой иконкой?
    1. User mitya
      Такой возможности нет, в новой версии добавлю
    2. User Smoki
      А когда приблизительно можно ожидать?
    3. User mitya
      Через пару недель
  2. User Smoki
    Новой версии еще нету ?
  3. User Smoki
    Спасибо большое за плагин