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Terms and conditions (Offer)

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1. Subject

  1. lebid.pro, located on the domain name lebid.pro ("the Site", "we", "our") provides the opportunity for all authorized users to purchase the software plugins presented on the Site ("plugins") under the terms of this Agreement. By signing up for the Site, you agree with the terms of this Agreement in full (offer acceptance).
  2. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change these Terms of Use, sections of the Site, functionality, software plugins, prices in the future without notifying you.
  3. We bear no responsibility in an event you don't fully read and understand the Terms.

2. Procedure for the purchase of plugins

  1. After signing up for the Site, you gain access to functionality that allows you to purchase plugins posted on the site.
  2. Depending on the method of assigning plugins, prices are set for them. There are the following methods of assigning plugins (license types):
    1. assigning the plugin strictly to the domain;
    2. assigning the plugin to the domain and subdomains;
    3. assigning the plugin to the domain and domain zones (.ru, .com, .pro, and others);
    4. assigning the plugin to the domain, domain zones (.ru, .com, .pro, and others) and all subdomains;
  3. You independently determine the necessary functionality (license types). We are not responsible for any choice you make.
  4. After choosing the plugin and type of license, you proceed to payment.
  5. Payment for the plugin is carried out according to the prices set on the Site. You select the cost for a certain type of license and the payment method.
  6. Payment of the cost of the plugin means your consent to the terms of use of the functionality of the selected plugin, the possibilities of its use (type of license, clause 2.2.). By transferring payment, you confirm to be fully aware of the purpose of the plugin, its functionality, the type of license.
  7. The price of the plugin is paid by you transferring money to the account of the Site using the payment systems InterKassa, WebMoney. Payment is made by automatically charging the amount of money specified by you when filling out the invoice form.
  8. In the event the payment failed, the system informs you about the error and the reasons for the error. After a successful payment, you are able to download the plugin with the selected type of license, and a check from payment systems is sent to your email. We are not responsible for delivery of the check.

3. License Renewal

  1. The license for the plugin is valid for one year from the date of purchase. After a year, the plugin continues to work, but it will no longer receive updates and you will not receive technical support.
  2. The functionality available in your personal account (profile):
    1. license Renewal;
    2. the ability to unassign the plugin from one domain and transfer it to another;
    3. a change in the type of license (clause 2.2.), subject to payment of the corresponding surcharge.
  3. For Users who purchase the same plugin, an individual discount is calculated.

4. Special conditions, responsibility

  1. We are not responsible for any of your decisions regarding your choice of a plugin, license type, license renewal. You ought to accept plugins in the form in which they are presented, review the functionality of the selected plugin and its properties. We bear no responsibility for any consequences caused by limited understanding of the information about plugins, license types, prices.
  2. Reproducing and distribution of software plugins without our consent is an infringement of copyright. In case of copyright infringement, the owner of the Site, as the copyright holder, has the right to demand from the infringer:
    • Compensation for losses caused by violation of copyright and/or related rights;
    • collection from the infringer of copyright and/or related rights of income derived from the violation;
    • payment of compensation, which is determined by the court as doubled, and in the case of a deliberate violation, as triple the amount of remuneration that would be paid if the violator applied for permission to use the disputed copyright (Article 52 of the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and related rights").

5. Contact Us

In the event of any comments or questions concerning these Terms, please contact us by e-mail at admin@lebid.pro.